Traveling with babies and children to learn English

Traveling with babies and children to learn English

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Currently, parents want their children to acquire a series of skills focused on languages. Thus, a type of tourism that we know as language tourism for children was born, at first it arose aimed at people over 8 years of age with different types of camps focused on language learning, and currently ways have been sought and found for babies to they can also learn and become bilingual, today we are going to analyze trips abroad with babies and children under 7 years old.

Summer holidays are approaching and parents begin to prepare trips with the children, we must pay close attention if we want the child to improve a language and at the same time be a game for him with which he can enjoy the holidays, below we have a series of tips for the preparation of said trip.

The first thing is to choose the destination for the holidays, we must take into account the duration of the trip and the age of the child, in addition to the time that we are going to spend in the destination, when the language that we want to improve in children is English, the destinations preferred are:

Ireland, United Kingdom, United States or Canada. In all of them we can find a good offer of tourism directed for children.

One of the most common questions is how do I decide the nursery where to leave the child, well we must take into account a series of details before choosing it, since a nursery in Spain is not the same as in a foreign country.

In the countries that we have mentioned, we find that there is no legislation like the Spanish one in the matter of nurseries, with which we can find a large number of them in flats, or with old facilities, so it is important to choose one that they recommend or that has good comments on the net, it is becoming easier to find centers that have offers aimed at foreigners who want to leave their children during the holidays. One of the important parts of this practice is that the classmates are English-speaking since a child learns more easily with other children than with a teacher.

We find different nomenclatures when defining nurseries, among them we can find both in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the USA:

Nursery.Nursery schools are called as we know them in Spain, it is aimed at children up to 3 years old, and meets a series of requirements.

Creche. It refers to a more open center, being able to have older children, it is assumed that the quality is lower, although in many cases the method they have may be better than that of a “nursery”

Montessori. It is the most common teaching method in English-speaking countries, and centers that teach at least 4 to 8 years of age are called this way, with this method, which may vary depending on the country.

The most normal thing is to find mixed centers like “Creche and Montessori” or “Montessori nursery”.

For the choice of daycare, it is best to see the comments you receive on the web and the ratings they have, if possible we can request references from parents who have been before.

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